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Foret Bowl Small


Product Dimensions: 18x18x8cm approx
Product Material: Jujube Wood

It has been carved and a hollowed out of a solid piece of jujube wood that is known to be a sturdy wood. Easy to shape and thus used extensively for creating such bowls and platters that are extremely useful in the kitchen. From time in memorial, wood has been used in most cultures across the globe as the most natural and thus conducive material to serve food in. with this bowl that is 18 cm in diameter and 8 cm in depth, displaying its gloriously beautiful grain work and the natural sheen that comes form the fine quality of finish, you will be not simply serve but also use it for displays. Maybe you could top it with some dry flowers that have ben fragrance d-or pile in some shells you have collected and display in in this bowl. The smooth and superior quality finish truly makes this a wonderful addition to any collection.

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