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Jujube Wood Board Foret Medium


Product Dimensions: 26x4cm

Product Material: Jujube Wood

 Please note: these are a natural hand carved product. Variations in shape, size and colour will be evident.


 Use it to crave meats, serve breads and cheeses and any which way you desire to. When serving is done, you could use it as a floral display base and light it up with some votives too. The very nature of its rough - edged beauty makes it a truly unique piece for your table. The cross section of wood has distress marks all over and has been cured however for usage. The sides have been left as natural and undulated as can be. Makes for wonderful addition if you intend to add that touch of cottage and farm feel to the table. Especially greats if wanting to serve outdoors as it does go with the theme and the setting. The florette is all of 26 cm in diameter and about 4 cm in thickness, and despite its size it's not too heavy or bulky for moving around. Cleaning would need a swipe of damp cloth and perhaps a more vigorous kind of cleaning once in a while. Recommended for use only if articles are dry.


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